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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  November 24, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EST

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the feast is finished and fridge is full of left overs, so why not spice it up, we will show you new twists and i mean new, to line up those left overs. avoiding the bear trap? trap game. >> dabears. the eagles are heavy favorites at home verse three-seven bears on sunday and why this could be a trap game for the eagles, as they continue their push for home field advantage in the playoffs. so hi mike how are you doing. >> hi mike. >> before we get back to shopping for black friday a couple weeks ago was last week we did this thing where we could not say the word cowboys because we were playing the dallas cowboys and it worked big time we slaughtered them. >> i don't want to play that i said cowboys like twice. >> twice. >> if you don't want to play,
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you just said cowboys again. >> it is over now. >> so now, are you willing to play. >> i think i'm more conscious now, so i got this. between seven-10 and everybody on the show you cannot say, last time i will say, da bears >> okay. >> so i have one. >> yes. >> you be the da. >> who are we playing this weekend,. >> i almost. >> she's testing you now. >> who are we playing this sunday. >> it starts now. >> let's start it now. we cannot say the word. what. >> what is the penalty. last time we ate ranch and spaghetti, and spaghetti. >> i don't have a penalty. >> if you have any penalties or if you say, if you say, if you say, then let us know. >> i will tell them how to contact me and or you, just go to instagram or twitter.
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>> where is the big won. >> yes. >> they are like don't pull that out. >> or just contact me on instagram right here. >> what should penalty be if we have to say. >> let's think about that. >> you know good thing about the weather gig is i have, i can make full screens like that. >> look at that. >> i have the biggest one in the house. >> look at that. >> let's stay on that for about 15 seconds. >> let's see you have under score that and twitter, there is no under score for twitter. >> that is all i need, lots of sunshine today, 58 degrees. tomorrow is warmer and sunny, and then gusty winds but more importantly is there my instagram and twitter. >> he is leaving it up. >> that is all you need to know, nothing going on. good gig today. lets talk traffic i could not get it on the full screen because sam's here. sam's not letting me go near
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the system. middletown township, we will bring it out to door ram road at trenton road. we have an accident with down wires but we are advice to go use alternate route 413. lets go out to 202 in king offer prussia by afternoon hours, we should sigh more of the backup, but 202 looking good. just ab wear of. that route 42 freeway in bellmawr looks good at this hour. we will look at weather and traffic together in a lit built. mike and alex. >> thanks, very much. >> it is 7:03 now and black friday, people are saying this could be the last black friday ever. >> this is a look at cherry hill mall, live look, starting to get crowded. we looked an hour ago when it first opened and just a couple people and now you see crowd. >> and bags. >> look at the bags. >> well, we have got steve out there harassing somebody. sabina standing by like a good reporter should. >> lets start with steve.
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>> okay. >> are you starting with me. >> all right, all right. look, we have twins. now we only have one because one is scrambling away what if she forgets. >> her sunglasses. >> my sunglasses even though there is no sunglasses out. >> she's racing. >> we do this so often this is like charlie brown's christmas we have annual visits from the same people. now this is keeley right here how do i know that, it is not hard to remember her name since her first name is my last name. she has graduated college, working in manhattan. what did you study you are like a scientists. >> no. >> reporter: what did you study. >> sustainable agriculture and sustainable business. >> reporter: first job here on wall street in an investment bank, how did that happen. >> it business who you know, my friend referred me and i was like a job, i will take it >> expensive college degree is completely worthless. >> yes.
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>> reporter: your graduating high school and one finally got a boyfriend. lou perfect. how is boyfriend thing working out for you. >> you didn't want to be on, it is your mom's fault. >> the thing about them if you have not remembered in years pennsylvania they buy bags of bic pens. >> what vital things did you get this year. >> towels for the animals, that is it. >> animals go through these towels do they eat them like goats. >> yes, yes. >> just a bunch of towels again. >> yes. >> these are exact towels from last year. >> they don't have any left there, is one surprise gift in here for the girls. >> you cannot say that. >> well, they know it what did they pick. >> beats ear budd. >> how much. >> they are 50 they are on sale. >> they are about a hundred usually. >> my question about beats, apple bought beats. why do apple ear budd why are they the war, if they own beats. >> they hurt your ears. >> you would think they would be the tops in the ear budd
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since they own beats. i'm asking you a question. >> you got to get everyone. >> you are miss manhattanite just visiting on the weekends. >> yes. >> how is life in manhattan. >> it is good, bustling a lot faster then new jersey, but yeah. you need both worlds country, city we have to make a prediction by this time next year you don't have to have a serious boyfriend but are in manahan on, single eligible woman with a fresh college degree that is meaningless what do you think. >> my dating profile right now >> well, you know. >> you have the coolest name keeley for a first name. >> they are saying that, now, i'm older then you so her name would be keeley keeley but there is a lot of other keeley s out there, that are younger and better looking and
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more successful men. >> i got to talk to the twins, thank you. i said i wouldn't bother them and i would interview her mom. look at her socks by the way. >> chicken socks. >> that has to do with your degree. >> definitely sustainable agriculture. >> did they go over good in manhattan. >> they said, these are medford home not the manhattan socks. >> this outfit. >> yes. >> by the way, the mom, right here, she sees she is two, right. she goes look, look at these two, guess what they are twins >> i go what gave it away. >> so, alex do you like the earrings, alex. >> i love them and they light up. >> they do light up. they are in the lighting but you just cannot see it.
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they are blinking. >> yes, we did. >> what is with the mickey mouse shirt. >> it is a mickey mouse christmas shirt. >> yes. >> so mike, they have bought you gifts in the pennsylvania they just didn't make it to you because they are usually like a, fruitcake or candy, right. what do you usually get mike, check late covered pretzels one year. >> yes. >> you are just here for fun of this you are not here to get a tv, right, right. >> are you siked you got your sunglasses. >> yeah. >> all right. good luck. >> merry christmas. >> merry christmas. >> happy thanks giving. >> she said where did you get chicken socks ask where she got chicken socks. >> enjoy your towels and wrapping paper. >> steve. >> how many years have you seen the twins, it has been a long time. >> this is like our eighth year, this is like eight years and the sad bit is other two stores we have interviewed them at are out of business,
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that tells but the retail business. >> yes. >> the twins have survived but k-mart, sears and macy's in moorestown are all gone. >> yeah, that is right. >> they are like twinkeys, good forever. >> i love it. >> they are always festively dressed. >> fantastic. >> womb, that, my thanksgiving is pretty much now complete. >> it is a must. >> the twins have shown up. now one more thing that he normally does he buys me something he finds some great deals and he buys you something would you never wear but we pretend thaw will. >> yes. >> and i give it away to a viewer. >> yeah. >> the best was the shirt and the sweater vest that was zone together so you can put tonight one. >> saves time. >> i have trouble putting on my sweaters. >> now sabina has been at the outlets all morning long. sabina, is what up next. >> reporter: hey, keeley i'm losing my guests, luckily this
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line is moving slowly. you are still right where we were. >> it has not moved. >> reporter: now have bags. everyone here has layers of bags. you just got here. >> just got here woke up 5:30, drove 40 minutes and just got here. >> reporter: specifically for torey burch. >> this is brand new. >> reporter: i have been seeing a line around the corner all morning long. >> i know. >> reporter: my photographer called it tony bennet because he doesn't know who torey burch is. >> pretty good deals. >> yeah. >> your rst stop. >> my first stop, yeah. >> you are only stop i meant. >> yes. >> so you are going home. >> no, i'm just kidding. i will shop around but this is , i figure i would get in line early. >> what did you think when you saw the line. you why watching. >> no. >> you you wouldn't known there was a line. >> my next stop will be kate spade those are my two big won >> we were just over there is there a line over there too hate to tell new was moving faster. >> okay, gat. >> the people first in line were in there for 40 minutes. >> my goodness.
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>> really. >> is what your name. >> you have tons of bags. >> tons of bags in the car. been here since 12:00. >> 12:00 last night. >> how are you awake. >> there was a star bucks right over there. >> did you go. >> no. >> just, kid, adrenaline all for my kid. >> all for my kid. >> i won't make you fill us in >> look at her bags. >> yes. >> just a little peak. just a little peak, if you are watching turn it off. >> these are your mom's presents for you. >> okay. >> i see jeans in there. yes, boots, nice brand is here. your kid will be well dressed. >> timber lane boots. >> everybody knees some times. >> nice mom. >> hey, sabina. >> what is up, what is up. >> it looks like it is 99.9 percent women. first of all, what is so exciting with torey burch. she's from our area. >> yes. >> go up and ask the guys. >> how do you find a torey
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burch outlet anywhere this one just came opened here it has been here like a week. it is hard to find this stuff. kate spade you have them at outlets but torey burch is first one i have ever seen. >> ask the guy why he is there , has he been drug there, there is one man in the line, he is right behind you. >> i think he is hiding. >> i think they are hiding. >> hi, hi. >> are you here for someone special or just in holding the line. >> holding the line. >> for who. >> where is she. >> i have no idea, she saw the camera and she ran. >> you are a good husband. >> i hope so. >> are you guys together. >> are you holding the line for someone too. >> yeah, my wife. >> there is a line over at coach, too. she will come over here and meet you guys you guys are nice. >> did they cook dinner, did you help. >> no. >> you owe it to him. >> no. >> they don't know each other they just met in line. >> did you introduce them.
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>> no, no. >> is what your name. >> joe. >> what is your name. >> george. >> joe meet george. >> you are bonded now. >> and now your wife's can be friend when they come back. >> good eye, mike. >> another thanksgiving miracle, two men become friend s. >> right. >> the one looks like a hostage though, he is hiding himself, he is inside. >> it is cold. >> he is inside. he is hiding. >> that is not inside, this is an outlet mall so it is outdoors. >> well, that doesn't what outlet means it is outside. >> outlet malls are outdoors. >> when was last time were you at an outlet mall. >> it was during the carter administration, yes. >> leave it to the people who know these things. >> now, outlet doesn't mean it has to be out. >> it doesn't have to be but a lot of times it is out. >> this one is. >> a lot of them are. >> okay. >> i don't think, i have been to an indoor outlet mall.
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>> i don't think i have ever been to an indoor outlet mall. most of the won have been outdoor. >> indoor outlet. >> we have got to find this woman and this guy, i'm frantic for this. beef an update on the new jersey woman hoist paying it forward, now her name is kate mcclure, i think everybody knows her by now. >> right. >> she ran out of gasoline, right. >> yes. >> that is when that homeless man johnny bobbit junior came to her rescue. he offered to buy her gas with his last $20o repay him because she was so grateful she came back to the rolled where johnny normally stand to give him cash, clothes, food and she was like i want to do more. she set up a go fund me page in the hopes of getting money for housing. the goal originally was $10,000 and now. >> oh, my momma. >> it is more than $291,000. $291,000, folks. >> that is amazing this happened on i-95.
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>> yes. >> nothing good happens on 95. >> this is something really good. know him, i want to meet them today on the show in the studio. >> we would love to meet them. >> this has become a national, international story. >> it definitely has. >> what is his last name bob bit. >> yes. >> he is a veteran. >> veteran. >> he is not related to, um, um, um. >> 7:15. >> that how my mind works, anytime your name is bobbit i go back to lorrainea. >> you think of that story often. >> almost every night i wake up in my sleep, just a dream. one local family got an extra reason to be thankful this holiday season, alex holley. >> camden county man is back home after being deployed overseas. >> karen loves these stories. >> well, especially in the holidays and around thanksgiving so letset g over to the airport. sergeant in question is jason,
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and the whole community came together to give him a nice thanksgiving welcome home. here they are at philly international airport. these are some friends and family and they meet him there with the signs and flags. he had no idea this was happening. look at the scene in blackwood , new jersey how many people came out there. there were hundreds of first responders, and friends, and family and people heard about it giving him a nice hug and saying thank you for your service, sir. both police and fire department that have huge american flag out train clearly he was overwhelmed, fat head out there, his wife susan says she's jt so thankful for his safe return. >> this is my first deployment that i have been through and i give the military families a lot of credit. it is hardy wouldn't have made it through this year without family and friend. >> to make it tv polite as soon as we get rid of all y'all that building the family process will begin. >> how cute is that. >> the reason why because they just got married, last year
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and he was three weeks later dereplied when they got married last december. it has been almost a whole year. he spent nine months in kuwait they will start with their family planning right now, he was also a long time volunteer for the fire department which is why so many members there at the fire department in blackwood came out, so happy to welcome him home. >> that is great. >> awesome. >> perfect weekend too, thanksgiving. did you see they had his head on the stick. >> yes. >> yeah. >> we can say his name over and over again, stop, stop, stop, stop but you cannot say, because we're going to. >> mike. >> who dot eagles play this sunday? >> the rams? >> you door intelligent to work on this show. >> i don't know, some would beg to differ. >> alex, i need your help, real quick this i just read
7:18 am
this on daily mail uk. when image flops up, just say it, don't think. play along, quick, stop. >> quick, stop. >> cat. >> i can't do it. >> i will not do it. there you do it. >> mike, i tried. >> you did. >> i am pretty smart for this show. >> mike, i messed up so many times, i will not be the one, not today, not today. >> all i can say is. >> here we go. good morning, temperatures in the 40's and 50's this afternoon. lots of sunshine, no weather with war toys day men to tomorrow. tomorrow, we have a southwest wind that will get our temperatures in the 50's. now is there rain showers in the forecast for saturday night so if you have plans saturday night, i a quick band of showers can swing through here but big story is by sunday wind will pick up and
7:19 am
they will be gusty, 20 to 30. fifty-two in town today, lower 50's to the north and west. for not as cold as we dealt with this morning, lower in the middle 40's, your seven day forecast 53 today. fifty-six, into tomorrow. sunday is really the, you know , only issue in terms of the cool temperatures because we are back closer to 60 by next week. here's traffic check. 7:19 heading road. route 422 westbound past oaks, nothing going on out there just the sun glare so grab shade before you head out still watching this water main break in aston between roberts road and concord road and, by the way, lets get in the holiday spirit, city hall is lighting the holiday tree between five and 6:30. we might see them around, broad and market, and people are telling me is there an indoor outlet mall, franklin mills but is that really
7:20 am
outlet? it is debatable? i'm getting multiple tweets on messages and instagram. is there a indoor outlet mall, there we go. step away from that trap, i'm not going to say it, nope, nope, nope how eagles can avoid an embarrassing loss, on sunday against that team right there because i'm in the allowed to say it. gets your trees now did you know there could be a nationwide christmas tree shortage and it is all because of something that happened a decade ago we will explain.
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like the new merry millions. happy holidays! ♪ and best wishes from the lottery. ♪
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so post a picture of your holiday lights display, you know, you have a lot of decorations, statues, strobe lights and all kinds of things we want to know. powe a picture of your home and your yard to facebook, twitter, instagram using the # fox 29 lights contest and bob kelly could just show up at your house and be on tv in the evening newscast you can really show it off make sure to use the #and you will get notification if bob kelly comes to you. you will be able to clean up the house, to see bob. >> but what... what if you don't have a christmas tree to put lights on. >> that is a possibility because is there a christmas tree shortage. >> you have to grab one of your kid and wrap lights around them and make them stand in the corner. >> accord together national christmas tree, limited supplies result in price hikes
7:25 am
depending on the type of tree, size and where it is purchased some tree shops could be just, with, they could not have any leaves this season. nice try. they are putting things in the presentmenter trying to get me to say a word. >> experts linc it to the 2008 recession, which caused, growers to plant fewer trees. >> will it count if i say, this word because i will not say it, even though it is spelled wrong in the prompter. that doesn't count. i can say that, right? it is not this. >> but the way it usessed in in the prompter was spelled the same way as animal. >> but it was meant in this way. if you are trying to say this word you spelled it wrong because they spelled it this way. we're being confusing. point is i'm not saying it. they are saying some of the tree may be, not, this, but this. >> you took that the wrong way you say, they wouldn't have
7:26 am
any foliage of some sort so the branches would be empty. >> right. >> i see. >> that was good catch. >> yes. >> you will not get me, nope, nope, nope. >> do we have a punishment. >> anybody on twitter, is what punishment. >> no one has weighed in. >> i don't know is what your twitter handle. >> my twitter handle, it is right here. >> here we go. >> what about if you did this. >> one of us has to go to a bakery and buy pottery. no, that means move on. >> is that what that means. >> here's the thing. >> that is what i it means. >> here's the thing, the penalty could be this. >> look at that, really. >> this game is out of control >> they are my handles if you with like to follow me.
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>> show some love. >> the penalty, if you say the word um-hmm, could be, i forgot what i was going to say >> a bakery. >> maybe take your pants off and walk around. >> you would suggest that. >> with your skin, with your skin exposeed. >> some wines get better with time. >> but this batch of wine is, 8,000 years old. i'm guessing it is in a museum it is as old as these pots is what i'm trying to say.
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there is a live look at cherry hill mall. everybody has coffee. they are walking around in, a daze already at 7:30 in the morning, folks, black friday deals, we're all over the place. now, i just saw a woman walk by because it is so cold that she has a, big old scarf around her neck. >> yeahy said look that woman has a beautiful muffler on and you said what? >> to me mufflers are on cars.
7:31 am
>> see, back when i was alive, as my daughter said we used to call those mufflers. >> isn't that an infinity scar f. >> yes it used to be called a muffler. >> i'm sure mufflers are on cars. >> but at one point in our u.s. history, those were called mufflers and how about the thing, when your hands are cold you stick them in the fury pouch, on your belly. >> yes, like the muff. >> that is called a muff. >> yes,. >> and it is an extension of a muffler. >> when i google muffler, cars come up. >> really. >> yeah. >> lets see if there is, if you can look up, muffler/scarf or something on google. you can watch on google here. >> yes. >> it might end up like that you are exactly right. >> i remember that. >> look at this.
7:32 am
>> yes, look at this guy getting out of control. >> you know about the term muffler, yes, i'm a little younger then you just a little bit. >> be care full. >> nope, keep going. you have heard the term muffler. >> yes, it is still in style. >> yes, absolutely. >> look at that. >> muffler scoff. >> the other one was a infinity scarf. >> as a guy i wouldn't know. >> a muffler can be infinity or regular. >> i don't know about that. >> but i was just saying a lot of people don't know the term muff, as, you know, you put your handness that pouch. it is a muff. >> my mother likes to wear them. >> who does. >> my mother. >> wears muffs or. >> muffs. >> is that what happens when you search muff. >> she's a muff department.
7:33 am
>> hr department let us search that. >> she's off today. >> everybody is off, dawn tell that everybody is off today. >> it is just the three of us. >> all of the managers, everything. >> here's mike. >> good morning, everybody. >> 32 degrees this morning. less wind out there. we are seeing a little bit of the milder wind flow and it is cold. look at new jersey numbers, berkley township 23 degrees. warmest spot is sea aisle with the influence of the ocean. north and west of philadelphia , 23 in pottstown. twenty-five in allentown. clear skies, galore but you notice a system just south of the hudson bay that will bring us scattered showers as we get into saturday night and then some big winds for sunday. if you are planning, you will get tree today or authentic you are absolutely fine weather-wise, lots of sunshine 43 to 52 degrees later this afternoon. keep a look at the road this morning taking a look we have a couple issues this morning,
7:34 am
7:33. looks at disable vehicles expressway right before broad street. we have that off to the side. middletown township wire working middletown township between did your ram road and trenton road use 413 as an alternate around. that also reminder we have today at 4:00 at wells fargo center the flyers taking on islanders and guys, also on sunday eagles take on. >> here we go. >> bobcats. >> no, mike it is not the bobcats it is the... >> exactly. >> by the way, mike, before you walk away is there a message for one of our viewers look at your screen, for us please. >> yes. >> put it in the sky, because could not bear to see alex and i get over on mike and mike. >> what did you just say. >> that was the old one. that is not the same thing. >> it is the not the same
7:35 am
thing. >> it was a trap. this is not the same thing. >> ifyou look it up in the ticsry do you not see this in there. i renews to accept that as a loss. >> no, no. >> i'm done. i'm losing all the way around. i give up. >> you cannot yet. >> there is nobody else here. >> you are on your own buddy. >> this is what i always wanted. >> okay, now i'm leaving. >> finally my wish has come true. nobody in that seat, um-hmm. lets get out to steve keyfully cherry hill, you better get back here, seriously because i can't -- >> come here, will. look, we got our friend, will here, who has south carolina plates because he is a dual
7:36 am
citizen. he has new jersey and south carolina. he pays his tax necessary south carolina because he is a smart citizen. you came here with a corolla but you wanted a big tv and sounds like you got one. >> yes, i did. >> i went by best buy abe they are just messed up. >> how biggies your tv. >> fifty-five. >> will it fit in that corolla >> positively. >> are you sure. >> i just want to make sure. >> staff coming to help you put tonight there. >> i will come back, pick it up at the order section. >> all right. >> with another vehicle. >> no, no, pick it up later. >> happy thanksgiving. >> thank you. >> have a nice day. >> you too, will, see you later. >> now look i'm war big these people buying tv with little cars. here's a gentlemen. these are viewers, by the way who were watching me and i hyped up they had a great deal on a 55-inch westinghouse and
7:37 am
came out empty handed here. explain to them what the b stopped for. >> dj baum. >> how did you do in there, dj >> they have great deals, lot of sales, the help is great, they have a lot of people in there to assist you what happened to the tv. >> the tv's were gone. >> all gone. >> did they tell you we will get more later or are you out of luck until after christmas. >> i'm looking for after christmas and just hold some money and save it. >> you were watching us. i feel guilty, you paid a toll and came all the way over to get that deal. how many did they have. >> they have had a few from yesterday's sale. >> back to philly. >> back to philly. >> hopefully you get that tv. >> i am going to look for that television. >> mike jerrick never looked prettier then did he in 4k. >> but mike's cool, mike. >> listen, but philly, watching you this morning, prepared me to come out here and, you know since i didn't
7:38 am
see nobody, no cars like that i said let me come out here and see you and get to the store. >> safe driving, happy holidays, thank you, i will pass on the well wishes to my man, mike. >> go eagles. >> see, we have been doing eagles hits and black friday hits. >> i'm in the like a mike mas co doing double duty and double shifts. i'm on "fox news" channel simultaneously where we are badgering people. i have a direct pipeline into maralogo since president trump watches fox and friends. he is seeing this craziness direct. if you think bit, yeah, you have this stuff and you have sean hannity and i just want to remind you that on there. >> the world's collide. >> my goodness. >> yes.
7:39 am
>> steve, thank you. >> i can't find alex. i think she might be really steamed. i will go look for her while steamed. i will go look for her while you go do what you have to do, no matter how you holiday, steamed. i will go look for her while you where you holiday,e to do, or who you holiday with... stay bright with dunkin's holiday coffee flavors like brown sugar cinnamon, and peppermint mocha. grab your favorite and make your holidays happen. the holidays run on dunkin'.
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lions and tigers and bears , oh, my. >> alex, let's sing long, from wizard of oz. >> lions, tigers and bears. >> that is too easy. >> i'm not doing that. >> nope. >> this is all i will do, right here. >> thinks all you get. >> you already said it once. >> we have plenty. >> difficult not say it, i said other thing, i said the other thing. >> b-a-r-e it is gone, you must have taken it, that is how you roll. >> lets just say you are watching or listening from a bathroom and kitchen as people do, every day, in their homes, they are not particularly watching, they are listening, so if you said that word, it sounds like the word. >> it doesn't count. >> who made up that rule.
7:43 am
>> use it in the sentence,. >> it hats to be the animal. >> yes. >> okay. >> we're not saying this word because eagles play them this sunday. >> when we can that last week and didn't say cowboys they won and it was a great game. maybe we should keep doing this we acknowledge the opponent. we can talk about them but not say the name. >> what can't you say then. >> okay. >> this is wrong, too because it is just a singular, um. >> yeah. >> so i will, draw in some other, um-hmm. >> so you can put an s. >> an s is good enough. >> yes, so is this a trap, this game, with them? yeah. we would like to void a loss. we want to keep this moving. we want to keep this leading. >> hoist three-seven this year y don't know that team.
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7:46 am
thinks i-95 north at vine we have an accident blocking the left lane. i would say give it another 20 minutes but it doesn't look like we are seeing much backup water main break in aston, pan coast avenue between robert road and concord so be aware of that. we have a couple delays
7:47 am
regional rail lines are report something delays, buses and trolleys running on a modified schedule. we will look at the forecast in 15. weather head line shows frosty morning, going over a feel good sunshine today. yesterday we were stuck in the 40's. today we will get to 50, 52 degrees on average. tomorrow beautiful day lots of sunshine, milder with temperatures in the middle 50 's but then winds of change arrive by sunday. winds gusting to 25 to 40 miles an hour. going to the eagles game on sunday against the jaguars, we will be talking about, you know, gusty wind and real feel temperature feeling like the
7:48 am
30's. feature weather showing us lots of sunshine, tonight a cold night with clear skies but by tomorrow southwestern breeze will get us in the middle 50's and rain showers will enter by tomorrow evening if you have dinner plans, what not you may have to encounter some showers. fifty-two to 55 degrees for your afternoon highs. tonight, chilly not as cold as last night with temperatures in the lower 30's and middle 30's in town. seven day forecast. fifty-six on saturday. cold, winter-like on sunday with the gusty wind for eagles game against who, alex? >> there was a silence over the land, g. cobb is here. >> how are you doing mike. >> do you know what the game is. , you are not talkinging about about, oh, you mean. >> you cannot say that. >> can't say that. >> but if you'd like to be our guest. >> we have figured out what
7:49 am
the penalty is. >> people have been suggesting in, tea out your pants, run outside for 29 minute, you have to buy whatever steve keeley finds at target for black friday. >> we will go with this because we have to establish a penalty, you have to for the whole staff you have to go buy pastry that is named after, that has the word clawness it. is that okay. >> is that so. >> mike, are you okay with that. >> mike's cool with that. >> whole staff. >> you want me to talk about. >> yeah, it will be tough. >> without. >> yeah. >> yes. >> so sunday the eagles play a 1:00 o'clock game against. >> a team from the midwest. >> okay. they are playing the... what is our biggest problem with this particular opponent. >> they have an outstanding running game. they have a running back by the name of jordan howard, who is tremendous, one of the best in the league, very young but
7:50 am
he is outstanding. they have to stop them because they have a rookie quarterback , in mitchell tre bitsky and he is not ready for prime time. he is just learning. they want to run the ball and stay close to the eagles. if they were to get a big lead then they would have to throw the ball and expose their young rookie quarterback. they want to run the ball, keep it close and hopefully beat eagles at the even. that is what they are trying. that is their game plan how is our run defense ranked in the league. >> they are one of the best run defenses in the league. they rarely let anybody get any yard against them on the ground. it has been one of the strengths of the team this year. they force team to be one dimensional and throw the ball quarterback and beat him up. they have been able to do that all year long. they do not let anybody run the ball for him. >> this is a big game for alshon jeffery.
7:51 am
>> he is playing against his old teammates. >> showing them i'm in a better position now. >> who did he play for. >> he used play for, oh. >> wow. >> so close. >> eagles, they got to go into like robot now because they cannot play emotional because this is not a big game. they have their big games coming up but if they get caught looking ahead that is when you get beat. you have to go in and terminator where you know who he is, basically i must kill everyone. it is not, they have no emotion, they have to play like that this week. they have to go out and destroy, yeah, them. >> people call it a trap game, like that, just like what kind of a trap. >> reason they say that you go out and there and not emotionally ready. thinking about other games.
7:52 am
before you know it, it is fourth quarter and then you end up losing. don't get caught in the trap. >> what kind of a trap. >> ryan in the control room could you look up a picture of their quarterback trubitsky. he has fantastic lips. >> doesn't he. >> yeah. >> i have not. >> if you get in his face and try to hurt his lips. >> yeah. >> it could take him down. >> go after those lips, um. >> what makes them so fantastic. >> see, aren't they nice. >> as i kid, growing up they used to call me suit coolers. >> double bubble delicious. >> but as i got older. >> the ladies, like them. >> i like them, nice looking lips you got there. >> you do have nice looking lips. >> yes. >> why do they call them.
7:53 am
>> yeah. >> mike doesn't know what that is about. >> guys can be cool about that >> why are you looking at me like that. >> i know how to cool soup. >> you use your hands, right. >> maybe a combination. >> my mom said you will be all right you will find someone that likes those big lips and they did. >> that is right. >> it is all good. s that the reason for the mustache. >> you know what maybe. >> were you concerned about the size. >> maybe that is the reason for mustache. >> here's why you bring it up. >> alex and write at nfl draft and we met mitch's mother. >> okay. >> and before the interview he did with us, she goes, and he looked a little dry and she whipped out chap stick. >> she's like she asked a reporter. >> that is right.
7:54 am
>> do you have any chap stick. >> she was like okay. >> here put on some chap stick >> mom, you are embarrassing me because cameras were on. she forced him to put on chap stick. >> if you get to this guys lips they go down. >> you go after those lips. >> yeah. >> fake, zoom and go: >> get at those lips. >> yeah. >> so who wins the game, give us the score, first eagles. >> eagles verse you know that team, yeah. >> yeah. >> i say eagles are going to win easily, and they will dominate the... them. >> yeah. >> now he is playing with us. >> yes. >> he is playing. >> thanks, g. >> i made it through. >> that is right. this week they will be done. >> thank you. stop blaming the turkey, did you have some yesterday a
7:55 am
lot of it did you fall asleep, later on, yeah, a little bit. >> don't blame turkey for that we have been blaming the turkey for sleep food coma, it is not the turkey. >> what is it.
7:56 am
7:57 am
7:58 am
after going to alex holley 's house last night at one point i had, four desserts on one plate. there was lemon marange pie, strawberry pie, angel food cake, chest pie, and the fifth , cherry tart was fantastic. i ate all of them, after going to two other stops. i am never eating again, and i'm hurting, grape,. >> sit really the turkey, mike >> i thought it was. >> it might be something else,
7:59 am
doctor mike, we should not blame it on the turkey. >> at least you didn't choke on the turkey. turkey has gotten a bad wrap, all right. >> yes. >> he they had chicken. they had chicken and ham, prime rib and ribs. >> you invite him but not me. >> i was too busy putting things on the wall before our guest came over. turkey has triptofan in it and we have been often told, oh, you eat turkey, it is tripto fan because that is important for the production of seratonin and then, melatonin, and many people know that puts to you sleep. here's the thing, it is not that, it is partly true. when you consume the turkey with lots of carbohydrates, the carbohydrates eliminates some of the other amino acid
8:00 am
because triptofan is an amino acid and allows the amino acid then to be a little bit more effective but it is all of that, it is the alcohol, it is being relaxed. all of those things lead to the sleep not just the turkey which has gotten a bum wrap. >> we all need a pol guys to the turkey. >> well, we would apologize if it was still around you can talk tour own stomach. >> we apologize. >> so sorry. >> hopefully the turkey is in a nice, sleepy place resting. >> in my belly. >> i think all of these years i blamed that poor turkey. >> is there more triptofan in chicken, next time you eat chicken if you eat carbohydrates you can fall asleep but you don't see that on a barbecue in the summer.
8:01 am
>> people don't go barbecue. >> they have chicken. >> also for years i have been calling it triptofan like a, but it is fham. >> yes, i never knew that. >> yes. >> wait, what about this. >> what about it. >> you didn't say it. >> you are showing the cub scouts emblem, my son, he is a weblow now but he was a cub scout he was a weblow. >> and now what you are saying is eagles are playing the cub scouts on sunday. >> does that count. >> no. >> the cub scouts. >> doctor mike, thank you. >> thank you. it is black friday, in 24th, 2017. >> it is on. it is black friday. we're all over the place. just be, careful.
8:02 am
after black friday comes cyber monday why some shoppers are choose to click from the comfort of their couch. >> plus uma thurmond is spreading the holiday spirit to everybody, but harvey weinstein were the movie star 's strong word are sending shock waves, through holy, hollywood. >> self driving cars allow pass evening tours sit down and back and enjoy the ride. how you could put your life on the line by taking your hands off that wheel. >> mike is in for bob and sue. that would be bs. so, it is a decent day. >> decent day. >> what number. >> are you going to do a number or not. >> that is a sue thing. i don't want to steel her thunder. >> what will you tell us how do we know what the weather is
8:03 am
>> we will look very closely and show you. >> i know is what coming, this is not good. >> this is working perfectly, i'm up to like 60 in an hour. >> you have 60 new followers. >> i'm capitalizing this. >> yes. >> sue's back tomorrow, so i will be fired by that point. temperatures in the 20's. it is still cold out there. the sun will go to work. you can add 15 to them. afternoon.und 50 degrees this so grab the tree,ers ideal, by 10:00 o'clock 43 degrees, on our way to 52 degrees. we will talk bay nice, mild trend in the seven day forecast. if you see eagles verse well, we will talk about that forecast in a little bit. >> see the what? >> did he say it. >> nope, almost did. >> hers is what going on. we have talk about 95 northbound by the way that has been now cleared. that is at vine street.
8:04 am
we don't havenymore iues to spe of. ninety-five at cottman looked fantastic. only issue local roadways right around cherry hill mall or out toward outlets you will run into a couple of volume but nothing crazy and there is ben franklin we are looking good both on both lanes of that roadway we will talk more traffic abe weather together in a little bit. >> mike, nice job we're all over the place say bean a has been at the outlets all morning. >> this is right now cherry hill mall. >> we are looking at the crowd >> people moving around. >> yeah. >> premium outlets. >> this has been going on since 4:00. >> that was target when they opened up at 6:00 a.m. and people waiting outside in line so now we will go to the outlets. >> i forgot. >> yeah, steve's first. >> but steve is backing up, he has found something, he has been telling us. >> here he goes, look, we miss
8:05 am
ed this but he got tonight , a 65-inch tv. >> what? >> and now, smartly, she brought pillows with the tv that will cushion the ride. this is our friend mike, from target busy loading tv after tv into a lot of vehicles. one of the hardest workers. she has a air fire as well that she is covering up now. >> oh, no. >> steve, sit not minor steve. >> we will have to go back to him. >> lets go over to is a bean a now. >> i was than the ready because i was so used to steve >> go. >> so, lets go find someone. i was giving it sometime to breathe. i did see somebody with a torey burch bags that means people are getting into that store do you remember that line over there. >> we're with fox can i talk to you about your bags, what did you get out here.
8:06 am
>> sweat shirts, jacket, t-shirt and some jeans. >> warm stuff, does have to to with doing freezing. >> it is pretty cold, i brought some winter stuff. >> what time did you get out here. >> have 30:00. >> not too bad, first stop or have you been out all night. >> first stop i have been here all night and it seems less crowded, you came at a good time. >> i wonder maybe because hard core shoppers were out earlier >> probably, yeah. >> how did you manage to get out of bed so cold this morning. >> just get up, coffee and then on the road. >> we were over at star bucks and that line was insane. are you all for you. >> no, almost, two shirts are for my mom and rest is for me. >> rest is for me. >> all of that, you get two things. >> she got two things. >> where are you headed after this. >> probably home. >> home. >> okay.
8:07 am
>> thinks your only stop. >> where did you go, levis. >> we will run around a little bit more, hi, you don't have any bags, where are are your bags. >> i was just working for 12 hearst. >> where are you working american eagle. >> that was busy yes, it was around 3:00 in the morning it was busy. >> it slowed down. >> it slowed down, quarter of 6:00 and then pick up. >> all right. >> we have a worker, guys. >> yes. >> long night. i thought i had a long night. >> you have a good one. >> now is the time to go. >> let's pick it back up with steve, his microphone is working again. >> we have the twins, they have the oyster toaster oven. >> 49.99. >> what was it normally. >> you don't even care what it was. >> no. >> it was on sale. >> yeah. >> and again, a bunch of candy , and card and lets go fishing game xl. >> you can say it is for you.
8:08 am
>> it is for me. >> who is that for. >> this is for, either you or mike. >> it is missle toe. >> ladies just line up and start kissing me through the show. >> i'm wearing missle toe now and most lovely woman in the parking lot is dan roccato. he will kiss me so i will have to take this off. >> we made the tease. >> there you go, thank you. >> mike, this is going back for you mike, thinks your guarantied under a missle toe because i don't want to start a riot. >> with what is going on than in this country i'm not wearing that. >> lets get this back i hate being serious on black friday, this is not as black fridayish as in black fridays past. not as crazy busy, am i just imaging things. >> you are not. 35 percent of shoppers, this year say they will most or
8:09 am
all of their shopping this week. 59 percent, two years ago said they would do all or their shopping this week. fact is there are less shoppers focus on this week then there were in the past. easy to understand. sales are constant, right. they go on forever. other big theme this year is your phone. 46 percent of shoppers are using their phone to shop. so, this is, the reality thaw are sitting around kitchen table like my kid are doing shopping. i have four millennials right now sleeping. they used to be here in the parking lot shopping. those times are changed. this is still important. it is a big holiday, big for retailers but on line has become much more important this way you don't to have find a parking spot or be out here in the cold or get to target and find out they sold out all of the tv already. i did notice this, dan, when i got here i noticed that tv deal said in store only. they know they are losing business to on line so they are giving you special deals
8:10 am
to show up in person. >> historically you had different deal in store verse on line. last year that started to merge. the deals were the same this year they still have door busters. target that had that 55-inch for 250 bucks or whatever it was. you still that have tease to get people in. it is ball getting shoppers in and, opening the purse and stretching plastic. >> will we see more money spent on cyber monday after weekend then we are seeing on black friday before. >> cyber monday will be small inner terms of overall ses but bigger then last year and each year will get bigger and bigger are you spending more on line then in person. i see you shop here personally >> yeah. >> it is a surprise, becau i don't shop at all if i don't anymore because i buy everything off my phone even groceries. >> do as well. i very often just shop on line it is so easy. you'll see that shift continue and even in my own family we have four millennial whose used be in the parking lot are home sleeping instead of
8:11 am
shopping. >> as we have talk we see another tv coming out of target. by the way those millennials if you don't know four valedictorians this guy is an economic expert and parenting expert, he has a fighter jet pilot home from corpus christi , texas and one ready to graduate medical school and other one is a regular straight a student in college but only a junior. >> wow. >> i want him to be my dad. >> yes. >> he should write a book on parenting. >> good mother. >> did he say four valedictorians. >> yes. >> yeah. >> ridiculous. >> and he still hangs out with me. >> he should write a book. >> that is stunning. >> valedictorians 101 how to make your kid a valedictorian. >> i had two daughters. they were lucky they graduated >> but they did and that is what matters. that is what i said, to my
8:12 am
parents at lee i graduated. >> they were both very good students. my daughter jill was president of her class. >> that has nothing to do with academic. >> yes. >> popularity. >> maybe she was a great leader. >> okay, and she is a good leader. >> i love this story. author dedicated to educating children is tackling his most important lesson yet how his passion project is tapping into an issue many find difficult to talk about. you know
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
we want to know regional rail delays 20 minutes or greater due to police investigation, lots of police around the jefferson station. traveling septa be prepared to wait, at least over 20 minutes due to these regional rail delays. otherwise across town we have been watching cameras, pretty quiet, 422 at route 29 near providence town center, smooth sailing. look at our speed sensors across the area pretty much ideal, heading out toward the
8:16 am
malls, it looks good but certainly want to bundle up because it is cold. we will look at that forecast in 15. we're still at the freezing mark but trade off will be lots of clear skies, there is a ton of sun, all the way back to the midwest, and we will be looking at some great stuff, overall. by tomorrow night sunday, the system out to the west this cold front will pass, bringing a scattered shower and big wind. fox future cast showing lots of sunshine, tomorrow, sunny day, southeastern breeze, it will feel great across town with temperatures in the upper 50's to around 60. notice around 3:00 some showers up toward poconos and lehigh valley. i think by evening hours on
8:17 am
saturday we might have a sprinkle or to two, quick moving shower and then wind come in. 50 degrees weather for today, tonight dropping back down in the middle 30's. seven day outlook lose like sunshine and great weather. we no big storms. fifty-three today. fifty-seven saturday. much milder next week. >> thank you for that, 8:17. there is a guy by the name of tim corner,. and, so, now a decade after his wife's diagnosis it is her strength that she wanted to share. and our lauren johnson is telling his story. >> the corner family hasn't always been a party of five. >> it is my birthday. >> in fact it was never supposed to happen this way.
8:18 am
to understand why everyone here is so thankful this thanksgiving, let's go back to december 2003. >> it just flipped our world upside down. >> reporter: pam corner would have trouble breathing after a morning run, pain landed her in the hospital. >> we didn't have anything to be afraid of. >> reporter: until a doctor said it was non-hodgkin's limb foam. we had to ask the doctor, what is that? then he said cancer. >> reporter: bart will started and so did a wrong emotional journey for tom watching his wife, wage war against a disease that tried to steel her life. together, they beat it, and more than 10 years later, they are thankful for that experience. >> we wait, for tomorrow, to celebrate our yesterday, why not today. why not celebrate what we have right now. >> his thoughts are real life stories for children. >> i started writing life lessons to help kid find their happiness early in life.
8:19 am
>> reporter: it became therapy for him especially came helpful when it came took a dad. >> it took me 40 years to figure it out. i want my kid to figure it out sooner. >> reporter: his first book, live for santa live for life. >> that was probably first time i, or anybody wrote down their first, list of goals, was their christmas list. >> reporter: next book positive thoughts, positive life. >> young children, at an early age, they are really hard on themselves. >> his 10 year-old grace picking up on the positivity. >> it is about never giving up >> reporter: he titled third book life is fine when you are alone. >> i knew that i wanted to empower myself and children to be able to achieve all that they can, and basically get out of their own way. >> reporter: his last week,. >> he left it on my bed. >> mommy, why do you have two birthdays. >> it was a little emotional
8:20 am
for me to read. >> that gives everyone a little choke up. >> she has this inner strength , that i have always known was there. >> the story of cancer a women 's strength, will to live >> she never thought she would do. >> and husband's love and support. >> i love that dad wrote about it because it shows what a miracle it was that she survived. >> and went on to do what they were told would be impossible. >> we had grace, and then we had jorda and zoe was icing on the cake. >> docto never thought it would happen, post cancer. >> a lot of my eggs were damage from the treatments and they were able to retrieve one good egg and that was the one that i got pregnant on. >> now their is a story. >> i wrote it because i wanted to honor you and your strength >> where no one takes the credit. >> the real hero in this story is tom. >> but the kid, no one thing. >> why do you love her.
8:21 am
>> i love her so much. >> why love overflows here. >> i believe i can learn so much from my children. >> lauren johnson, fox 29 news >> you adorable child. >> what a beautiful family, all three of the girls. >> that is special. if you have a story idea e-mail lauren at lauren johnson at fox because she will tell your story she does great stories. >> yes, she does. >> they involve kid, which is why it is called are you kidding me. >> uma thurmon is spreading the holiday spirit to everyone but harvey weinstein why the movie star's strong word are sending shock waves through some parts of our
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
this opened up at 6:00 a.m. this is just the beginning. >> what is that? what are you doing.
8:25 am
>> oh, god when you spray paint stuff the fumes, can you smell it at all. do you smell anything. >> no. >> it is outside in olde city, i apologize for the stench. >> i'm done though. >> really. really on the wall. >> yes. >> if you are heading to the bourse, i guess, walking by our station, look for that on the, wall now. >> yes. >> that is all right. >> i'm over here typing my response to that right here. >> is that right. >> yes, on my lap top, write this in. >> i haven't checked how many followers i have collect. >> you have so many now i'm way behind on you instagram. >> here's the difference between e and you, i powe on my instagram if you follow me, i will state my case. inside things, behind the scenes, my family, the craz iness that our thanksgiving last night. what did you do on your
8:26 am
instagram story yesterday. that is right you never do that. >> so, really who is a better follow. >> come on. >> yeah, but, watch it, watch it. watch it. >> it is the quality of the post, isn't it. >> you post pictures of muffin s and things. >> well, at lee it is not just one selfie after the next. >> it is not, it is my grandfather and i, you don't want to see grandfather pictures to come here to visit >> is that what you are doing. >> you know i can't say anything about grand pop. he is watching. >> hi, grand pop. >> we had a great time yesterday. >> i will up my instagram game , i will if you follow me. >> do you know how to do instagram stories. >> i will by the end of the day, you push the thing down and say stupid stuff and it collects the stuff i had stuff and you play it all at the owned have the game. >> how long does it last. >> it only last 24 hours. >> that is right. >> then you have to come up
8:27 am
with other stupid stuff to post, one stupid thing after other. >> it could be funny stuff. >> i have seen yours. it could be. if yesterday was about the food today bits shopping. steve keeley, am i in the raining place. >> yes. >> there is steve. >> what is that. >> is that a pop sickle. >> this is a pop sickle shower sponge, it is a louvre, yeah. >> we will talk to the person who bought this and everything she got when we see you
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
we have within following this egional rails being delayed, septa reporting 20 minute delays around jefferson station, police investigation ongoing, regional rails, around jefferson station if you have plans to travel septa you are going to be delayed.
8:31 am
it could be 20, 30 minutes or more. so you will need to pack patients at that station. erise 95 at airport no reported delays and in the really seeing any issues at the airports in terms of the flights but you will want to check with your car years just as a precaution. forty-two freeway in bellmawr, new jersey looking good at this hour. weather forecast, lets take a look, lots of sunshine. >> oh, my god. >> it doesn't get any bigger than. that my game is done at this point. but lots of sunshine, temperatures in the 30's this morning, chilly, lots of clear skies across town and sunshine thinks a troublemaker for saturday into sunday. we will talk about that in a bit. >> now, that was brilliant. >> yes. >> between the two of you, i'm lagging behind i meade to come up with something. >> somebody just tweet had you and said do i need to up my instagram game.
8:32 am
>> on instagram. >> they have been following you for a while though. >> i'm ready to push okay. >> okay. >> my latest instagram powe if i can get up to a hundred followers, i will push the okay button and then my game is way up. >> really. >> what is it. >> no. >> you cannot tell because you are about to powe so how do you check that unless you save it at a draft. if you are an expert, you use it and you would know these things. >> i actually have a life i don't spend my whole life in my basement war big instagram. >> well, i don't have a basement. at lee that parties wrong. >> here we go. >> how do you have a hundred. >> i just know. >> we will look, steve, i think has a special guest out there, hey, steve. >> mike, this is probably the president of the mike jerrick fan club with me, jessica, little boy. >> she really is. >> does that make you feel good. >> and alex, and alex, i love alex too but mike is the best.
8:33 am
>> what was it that you saw that woman, wearing that you saw at fourth and market earlier that you said to keep warm. >> she was wearing a muffler. >> it is funny you said that, to keep warm she was wearing a crankshaft and i just thought, same morning we have a woman wearing muffler in philly and crankshaft, to keep warm so it is really cold out. we try to, this is stupid stuff that you love watching the show for. >> i watch it every morning. every morning. >> now, covered james ears because we wanted to ask what she had but the key is how do you shop for your son while your sonnies with you in the store without saying go get who on the other side of the store. >> he is not looking, i will grab something that he really likes and then i will stuff it in the cart and put other stuff on top of it. >> and then why, look at the cart, who how she packs the cart. she says, i can still hear, she puts this bag and in the
8:34 am
sea through bag so she put that here so he cannot see the stuff. >> that is great. >> then she has the front camouflaged as well, and then she really didn't want these trees but they bought them to cover up up the stuff that she bought him. >> yes. >> you like those little trees >> n, ack friday, is thisi a an. >> i go out every year. last year i dit with all three of my kid. >> do you know people that come out it is but they want to show off their ugly sweaters an t-shirts. >> you just have plane fleece on. but look at how people get into the spirit. i love it, yeah. >> now look we will go let you your we show off >> thank you, jessica. >> thanks, very much. mike appreciate every fan but his big fans he really appreciates. don't be surprised when he shows up on your doorstep some
8:35 am
day. >> yes. >> no. >> oh, my god. >> explain that shirt. >> you have a cat, i see cat hair. >> it is grumpy cats. >> i have five cats. >> now the girl that owns this cat is a multi millionaire, for this grumpy cat. >> grumpy cat. >> grumpy cat. >> that has got better than nfl licensing fees that cat. >> yes, it does. >> merry and bright. i love that people get into shopping and they wear their christmas stuff is this an annual thing for you guys. >> yes. >> what do you think did you pick up these shirts or multitude closet of them. >> i have quite a few you have one for every day until christmas. >> she does, i don't have. i have a couple different won. >> where are you off to now. >> going down to jillian as. >> is this a tree. >> how many do you have. >> one. >> this will be number two. >> what will you get next. >> i have no idea.
8:36 am
>> no. >> it doesn't seem as crazy did you notice it dying down this year. >> yes, difficult. >> do you think people are sitting at home on their phones and computers. >> yes, do i, i think people stay at home. they don't want to come out with the cold and crowd. >> is that better for folks like or you miss fighting with everybody. >> no, i think it is better for me. i don't like people, the >> she's honest. >> there isnother woman, mike doesn't like people even though he profess toss like everybody it is a joke, of course. >> we think it is a joke. >> mike, you are a man of the people but we always joke how sometimes we want just avoid everybody sometimes. >> yes, sometimes. >> some times. people try to avoid us as well during these live shots. >> oh, christmas tree, oh, christmas tree.
8:37 am
>> h beautiful your boxes. >> is that how it goes. >> no, of course not. tree is in the box. >> i get it now. >> what are you posting. >> i'm upping my instagram game. >> we will do this in the break. >> i'm dng it right now, i'm now posting. >> you who it. >> i waited too long. >> he doesn't even know how to use instagram. >> i will get it back. i will powe it. >> really. >> is that what you do. >> finey will come up with a picture if i have to powe if this game we will play. >> they sa being a little bit sexy. >> i don't think that is sexy. >> we will see. lets take a break. i will need
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
i believe most of the shoppers were in a good mood. there was one that was crowning i. but i believe i don't go out on black friday, because i can develop real quickly, retail rage. >> that is a thing. >> retail rage. >> i know what it is, a black friday you see everybody going out and some people get in the fights and you grabbed this and i have the last one and you get competitive, right. researchers say another big factor is sleep deprivation. many shops open up at midnight , shopper stay up and they are still going at 8:00 in the morning. they stand in line to get a anything. >> dang. >> look at that. >> i don't want to be bothered >> you want t show some hand. >> you know what they were fighting over, a little t >> i have no idea what they were fighting over. >> i don't know. >> you remember jingle ll the way. >> yeah. >> they were fighting over that turbo booster guy. >> yes. >> what did you say, mike. >> turbo man. >> that is what it was.
8:42 am
>> i'm told, i am almost got in the fight over a teddy rux bin. >> i know that about teddy rux bin. >> i needed two of them. >> didn't it talk or something >> dit? yeah, it did. >> it did. >> so, i was asking everybody, i ended up with three of them. there was one left. this might have been the south philadelphia wal-mart. i had a bad incident iout in thn christmas eve years ago. >> will you tell us bit. >> i truly can't remember. you know something happened there. >> i blocked out bad experience that i had there. >> last year hatch mols and that was the big thing and then, now they have made all these new won. i was in five below. you can get that stuff at five below. >> it is under five dollars. >> not exact same thing but key chains and stickers and all kind of hatch mal stuff and lastear no one could get their hand on it. >> that that is how it is in
8:43 am
life. >> 150 bucks. >> something you really crave and thone when you get it like furbyes. >> remember when they were big >> like getting a new boyfriend, all excited and then, um. >> is that what it is like, i wouldn't know. >> or girlfriend. >> we better check on sabina because beef not heard from her. we hope she's okay. hi, is a bean. i'm still herno trampled by the crowd. here's director for premium outlets and i betty should put an x to mark the spot of the hottest stores here. it is insane.
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
we will take some snow, they are making artificial snow and it is slopes that are opened, blue mountain, right, opened for business, it is crazy, so here we go, ski season, snow board season, we are in fully affect, we have a great day to day, lots of sunshine. >> really. >> what are you laughing at. >> lots of sunshine, today, temperatures that will be, you know, easy to take, yesterday was a little cold. today, yes. >> your both of the mike's in
8:47 am
my life ridiculous. >> i'm impressed. i don't even know how to use the system most times. now i can make things crawl, that is kind of cool. >> here's is what going on, clear skies, lots of sunshine. here's weather maker out toward northern plains coming at us by saturday into sunday. today in worries. sunshine. temperatures in the 50's. tonight, cold again but not as cold so it is more 30's, mid 30's in town, verse the 20's that we dealt with yesterday morning and then look at the seven day, the only real issue is sunday with cold temperatures, wind chills in the 30's because it is a nice balance in temperatures. by tuesday we are up to 60. by tuesday we are up to 60. by wednesday we are at 57. overnight low of 42. thursday, 55, overnight low of 44. the eagles are taking on the ... okay, back to you alex >> um accounts what? >> hanging out, here, in big
8:48 am
deal, in big deal. >> i don't have the graphics like you do so this is what i have to do. >> yes. >> and then goes back the other way. >> there you go, take that, mike. >> pay somebody to hold the sign out front in the street. >> let's face it, i'm just lose nothing this game. 8:48. some shoppers are looking pennsylvania black friday because you have to go out to the stores to get you inside. and to get some of those deals but what about cyber monday. that is also a big one. you can do it, lot of people do it at work no the me, of course, no. you can do it at home or getting on all of those deals. amazon, wal-mart and other retailers are luring consumers with those discounted deals and this year americans are expect to spend, $6.6 billion on line, and that is 1 billion more in on line sales than black friday. people are just waiting for, black friday to be over with
8:49 am
because once sunday comes it real deal comes. >> what is this. >> this is my graphic. >> did you see mike and his weather hit. >> he made a graphic across the screen here. >> this is your movable. >> let me help you here. >> o; no, it fell out. it fell off. >> well, it is not cyber monday, it is still black friday, sabina, come on. >> reporter: can i say that probably have half of the billion sales coming from torey burch, over here at the premium outlets because look at this line, i mean i showed it earlier we had to come back look at how long it has gotten , and my photographer chris was calling what is tony burch, is what tony burch. it is torey burch. we have another we have a husband over here. let us know no problem. >> so when did you get here. >> we got here at 7:30. >> and you got your coffee.
8:50 am
>> got my coffee. >> you were here for her. >> for my wife. >> absolutely. >> what do you want to get. >> i have been seeing people coming out with bags and bags like they are. >> i want to get boots, purses , anything. >> i took a peak in the window and they have fantastic purses >> they are awesomey cannot believe they ever still stuck inside. >> that is what i'm saying, don't buy anything. >> such an inventory. >> they better. we're right next to it. this is a anyone. home been here a week. >> yes. >> a customer was telling me is there only one in orlando, and chicago. >> and here. >> she knows. >> she knows. >> you have been there too. >> yes. >> oh, okay. >> one year ago actually. >> are you from here. >> yeah. >> so you, so you must have enjoyed it. >> yes. >> oh, my god could not believe it. >> yes. >> so we will be, hopefully you get to go in next time and we will go in and then still stuff inside. >> hopefully.
8:51 am
>> thank you. >> thanks very much. >> he is noting ago begins his will, he is here willingly. >> i love it. >> right, right. >> yes. >> she kept calling the store tony burch because she's dating a guy to tony burch. >> his name toney do you know his name. >> i don't know his name. >> all right. we have talk about self driving cars for a long time and i admitted i'm not ready to get in the car that doesn't have a driver. >> it creeps you out, you don't want to do it. >> by the way, di, crystal, let me know, anyway, so. >> what are you planning. >> nothing. >> that means he is planning something. >> nothing, no. no. we will get in the your discussion with this would you get into a self driving car a that doesn't have a driver.
8:52 am
now they have put together these what do they call them algorithms. >> you are stalling, man. >> if the car hits something, the car will know, factor in 40 different, equations and it will only hurt, the part of the car that will cause the lee amount of damage. >> i'm just stalling, candace. >> because whatever you are planning is not working out it is not happening. >> it should be coming up. >> wouldn't you know the bus, i got a here. there it is. >> really, really you have someone hold up a sign, with your information on it. >> hello. >> hello. >> i asked her to go to the bus stop. >> he is taking your note pad. >> oh, no. >> that is what you get. >> he is getting on the bus. >> take your note pad. >> it has come to this. if you guys follow me i will
8:53 am
post an embarrassing photo of mike from yesterday evening, thanksgiving. >> are you sleeping again. >> they goes with my sign. >> it is a note pad. >> they goes, can we focus up at all. >> he is out of range of our camera. >> i promise. >> that just stops that. he is smiling and everything. >> thank you. >> i'm telling you guys follow me alex holley tv and if i get a light will powe a picture of mike. >> i know most people get a lot of hits, if you have a sex y instagram photo. >> i'm out. >> i have powe ted my sexy really? really? really?
8:54 am
really? really? really? see zero in a whole new way. get zero down, zero deposit, zero first month's payment, and zero due at signing on select volkswagen models. now with the people first warranty.
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8:56 am
8:56. commute's leather that ace affecting septa lines right now a lot of the regional
8:57 am
rails now being impact due to police investigations upward of 20 minute delays, impacts, the airport line, chestt hill line, manayunk lines being impacted, down toward wilmington newark and west trent than lines. so we have several lines being impact due to police activity, 20, 30 minute delay, right around jefferson station, and we will continue to follow this. otherwise we are watching a quiet morning on the road, speed sensors looking good, 45 to 60 on average and live shot at i-95 at 452 in delco thing
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
are you okay alex. >> busting a move. >> okay. >> karen l hpere now. >> how are you. >> good morning. >> i appreciate the fact that you wore your eagles green and


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